The factory which includes: the sugar complex, the refinery, the agglomeration and maintenance workshops, transforms the cane into granulated sugar which for a part is agglomerated into pieces.

Its installed capacity is 2,400 tons of cane per day. It includes several workshops that play an important role in the manufacture of sugar:

  • The grinding workshop
  • The boiler room
  • The vesou purification workshop
  • The evaporation workshop
  • The crystallization workshop
  • The refinery workshop
  • The drying workshop

The valorization of by-products from the manufacture of sugar is carried out by the distillery, mainly producing pharmaceutical and industrial alcohol from molasses. The distillery has a production capacity of 10,000 liters of alcohol per day obtained using a manufacturing process comprising three essential steps:

  • Fermentation,
  • Distillation,
  • Storage and delivery of alcohol.