Infrastructure for agricultural activities

As part of the execution of its agricultural activities, SN SOSUCO has a large fleet of machinery specially adapted to the cultivation of sugar cane:

  • Civil engineering tractors,
  • 175 hp agricultural tractors,
  • Fertilizer and herbicide spreading equipment…

Infrastructure for industrial activities

Sugar production activities

The infrastructure for the industrial processing of sugar cane includes the following equipment:

  • 6 cane mills for grinding
  • 3 bagasse generators for the boiler room
  • 2 juice clarifiers for purification
  • 5 boilers for evaporation
  • Cooking devices and mixers for crystallization
  • Filters and boilers for decolorizing syrup
  • 2 rotary dryers for sugar drying
  • 2 Chambon brand lines and 1 YILMAZ brand line for molding sugar cubes
  • 1 automatic bagging machine for packaging granulated sugar in one-kilogram bags.

L’énergie électrique alimentant le complexe est fournie par 3 groupes turbo alternateurs de 1 700 kw alimentés en vapeur avec raccordement au réseau national pour l’inter campagne.

La maintenance de l’outil de production est facilitée par l’existence d’ ateliers de chaudronnerie, de mécanique et d’électricité.

By-product recovery activities

The distillery includes several types of equipment for the production of alcohol. These include:

  • 4 stainless steel tanks of 10,000 liters for the dilution of the molasses and the clarification of the solution
  • 1 PVC tank of 1,000 liters for the preparation of solutions of nutrient salts and acids
  • 1 battery of 6 stainless steel fermenters with a capacity of 160,000 liters for alcoholic fermentation
  • 1 boiler for steam production
  • 5 alcohol storage tanks with a total capacity of 560,000 liters