With SOLIPS, the solidarity fund of the IPS(WA) group, SN SOSUCO is involved in the medical care of people living with HIV in the company and also provides financial support to workers who are victims of disabling illnesses.

Medical Center

Since 1976, the company has created a medical center which covers the workers of the company, their families and the inhabitants of the neighboring villages with free first aid. It supports the national health policy. He understands :

  • 8 hospital wards with a capacity of 30 beds,
  • A family planning room,
  • An injection room,
  • A pharmaceutical store,
  • 4 consulting rooms,
  • A medical analysis laboratory,
  • A minor surgery room,
  • A mobile infirmary,
  • A city infirmary,
  • A diesel incinerator,
  • A training room,
  • A general administration.

Training center

The company has also set up a staff training center which organises:

  • Internal training sessions for the maintenance and development of staff,
  • Specific training courses (in Burkina-Faso and abroad).


Regarding transport, that of staff residing in the city of Banfora is fully supported by the company with brand new buses. SN SOSUCO also provides transport for students during the school year between Bérégadougou and Banfora, but above all the daily transport of patients from Banfora to the medical center.


With regard to worker housing, SN SOSUCO has built:

  • Two executive housing estates in Banfora and Bérégadougou (39 villas),
  • A workers’ estate in Bérégadougou (326 villas),
  • Four worker housing estates within the sugar perimeter (Nyanka South, Yanon East, Yanon West, Lémouroudougou).


For the education component, SN SOSUCO has made available to workers and surrounding populations:

  • A kindergarten,
  • Two primary schools.

Track maintenance:

SOSUCO maintains approximately 265.2 km of tracks per year:

  • 35 km of main slopes 
  • 76 km of secondary tracks and frontal rowing tracks 
  • 154.2 km of various tracks


Other achievements of a social nature are to be credited to the company such as:

  • Actions in favor of the well-being of employees and their families, through the SOLIPS Fund (Solidarity IPS)
  • Numerous contributions to cultural, sporting and religious activities in the region,
  • Various other contributions for the repair of roads and tracks in the region, the provision of drinking water, the supply of materials for various constructions, interventions in reforestation projects, etc...
  • Sponsorship of various activities of a social nature (reforestation, sport, support for orphans, etc.),
  • Donations to the victims of Bérégadougou.