In addition to the annual rainfall, the cane is irrigated by irrigation systems:  

  • The buried drip
  • Full coverage
  • Pivoting and frontal ramps  

Water is supplied by gravity from three dams:  

  • The Comoé dam with a capacity of 40 million cubic meters
  • The 6 million cubic meter Lobi Dam
  • Toussiana dam 6 million cubic meters

The Culture Department is made up of:  

  • Cultivation / mechanization coordination
  • The Cultural Division
  • The Mechanization Division

The Culture Division is responsible for: 

  • Agronomic study and cultural defense
  • Planting, maintenance, irrigation and harvesting of cane
  • From the geographic information system
  • Pivot maintenance

The Mechanization Division is responsible for:

  • Cane transport
  • Maintenance of agricultural machinery
  • Soil preparation work